Solution to Uncommon Nonsense

Author: Quinn Mahoney

'Well, I never heard it before,' said the Mock Turtle; 'but it sounds uncommon nonsense.'

This is a diagramless crossword puzzle using broad phonetic transcription. The solution grid below is written in IPA. The two blank clues, 79- and 80-Across, form the answer, which is GERMAN SHEPHERD.

1.Small part of a forestTREE1.Small part of a 1-AcrossTWIG
4.Lotion ingredientALOE2.InflexibilityRIGOR
7.ExpertWIZ3.Artist's standEASEL
8.A play part or play a partACT4.Gimli's weaponAXE
11.Spelunker's milieuCAVE5.Behind scheduleLATE
14.TieDRAW8.Naval rankADMIRAL
15.RousedSTIRRED9.Ship staffCREW
17.With enthusiasmEAGERLY10.InstructedTAUGHT
18.A unit of measureSMOOT12.Insects with a queenBEES
19.On a bus, these go 'round and 'round, 'round and 'roundWHEELS13.Type of 1-AcrossTEAK
21.Group of singersCHOIR16.ProfoundDEEP
23.ReportPAPER18.A senseSIGHT
24.WilySLY20.Read without comment?LURK
27.FallAUTUMN22.Facebook featureWALL
29.Frederick Thomas Pilkington was one. No, I don't know who he was either. Just type it into Google, alright?SCOT23.Italian dishPASTA
31.A building in WashingtonCAPITOL24.Part of a rotisserieSPIT
34.A precious bodily fluidLYMPH25.Don't die!LIVE
37.C conditionalELSE26.Single word for a coupleITEM
38.Animal used to make kopi luwakCIVET28.Type of bag?MIXED
39.CalmCOOL29.Basic structural unit of lifeCELL
40.SpoilsLOOT30.A board gameCLUE
41.WorryFRET32.A positive thing for the bottom-lineASSET
46.TrapSNARE35.Natural satelliteMOON
47.Clever or skillfulADROIT36.Fifteen pieces of this is the minimumFLAIR
49.PrunedCLIPPED41.Billy West characterFRY
51.ProvokeRILE42.Flow turbulentlyROIL
52.Type of precipitationSNOW44.Behind scheduleSLOW
55.Common computer buttonOK45.PuntKICK
56.AseaOFFSHORE48.Piece of a piece of furnitureDRAWER
60.Lets go in London?SACKS52.Athletes on 52-AcrossSKIERS
65.27-Across is oneSEASON54.UnwrappedOPENED
70.Medical professionalNURSE61.BitterACRID
72.Moved swiftlyRAN62.Open slightlyCRACK
73.BodiesCADAVERS63.Common functionSINE
76.Device for measuring liquidsDIPSTICK65.SeriousSTERN
81.It might come before your name and numberTONE69.Baker's needOVEN
82.Type of danceLINE71.What you won't do when solving this puzzleSPELL
75.Hunter's needAMMO
77.There's a black one and a white one, and they're usually trying to kill each otherSPY
78.Go sour, like milkTURN