Solution to The Most Dangerous Night

Author: Charlene Clark

Each clue represents a specific movie (note that column 1's films are alphabetically ordered by title).

Conspiracy theorist broadcasts his own (predicted) demise
+ unsuccessful writer working as a limo driver



Lonely waitress destined for motherhood
+ battle-hardened time traveler in love

The Terminator


Documentary film crew taken hostage on the Amazon
+ obsessed wildlife hunter



Alzheimer's cure research investor
+ biologist experiments with enlarging brains of tissue donors

Deep Blue Sea


Billionaire suspects model wife's affair
+ survivalism in Alaskan wilderness

The Edge


Interplanetary mobile infantry
+ war propaganda newsreels aiming to inspire citizenship

Starship Troopers


The lover of an executed serial killer looking to continue his work
+ paranormally talented con artist

The Frighteners


Overcrowded summer holiday beaches
+ unlikely trio bonding over drinks and scars



Corrupt mining town with a secret
+ nameless man with murderous skills

High Plains Drifter


Scientist relying on meditation for self-preservation
+ aging soldier desperate to remain relevant

The Incredible Hulk


A catastrophically dangerous acorn is coveted
+ giant furry beasts serve as unlikely child rescuers

Ice Age


Mining town with a poisoned reservoir
+ elderly aunt's smoking habit becomes unlikely saving grace

Eight Legged Freaks


British family travels to far east for Christmas holiday
+ attempts at rescue and reunion in chaotic aftermath

The Impossible


Scheming security chief outsources his gold-mining needs
+ primitive slave given rapid artificial education

Battlefield Earth


Bloodthirsty Jewish assassin squad
+ vengeful Parisian theater owner preparing for a special audience

Inglourious Basterds


Space mission manned by civilians
+ power struggle between a father and potential son-in-law



Local fish and game authorities squabble with scientists
+ elderly widow nurturing husband's killer

Lake Placid


Power outage at theme park
+ cocky chaotician

Jurassic Park


Librarian leads expedition to find a golden book
+ sarcastic American adventurer

The Mummy


Overly ambitious family-gathering host
+ cheapskate boss skimps on employee bonus checks

Christmas Vacation


Demon avenging desecrated dead
+ delusions between movies and reality

My Name is Bruce


Convict with specially altered night vision
+ 22 year solar eclipse cycle

Pitch Black


Post-apocalyptic community survives within a stone castle
+ American badass hunter with a tank

Reign of Fire


Ship crew makes a critical counting error
+ workaholic couple tries scuba-diving while on vacation

Open Water


Land developer trying to sabotage current occupants' safety inspection
+ a winning drag karaoke talent show performance

Ski Patrol


Two families feud for control of a town
+ Mexican gold shipment intercepted and stolen

A Fistful of Dollars


Foul-mouthed FBI agent
+ murder witness attracts creative airborne assassination attempt

Snakes on a Plane


Modern descendent of Christ
+ stoner duo on a roadtrip



TV weatherman seeking divorce
+ team of misfit scientists caravanning around Oklahoma



Single mother sheriff in a lakeside town
+ small porn movie being filmed on glass-bottom boat

Piranha/Piranha 3D


Each movie features a key element/plot point unmentioned in the clue. When those elements are paired (one from column 1, another from column 2), they form the basic plot idea of a SyFy original movie. The number codes after each clue combine to give you the length of the SyFy title and the letter to extract.

Lake Placid → crocodiles Terminator → robots Robocroc (6/8) R
The Frighteners → ghosts Deep Blue Sea → sharks Ghost Shark (2/10) H
High Plains Drifter → wild west (or really the title & whole movie itself) Starship Troopers → alien bugs High Plains Invaders (8/18) I
Twister → tornadoes Jaws → sharks Sharknado (6/9) N
Inglourious Basterds → Nazis The Incredible Hulk → mutant S.S. Doomtrooper (5/13) O
Ski Patrol → skiing/ski resort Eight Legged Freaks → spiders Ice Spiders (2/10) C
My Name is Bruce → Bruce Campbell Battlefield Earth → aliens/alien domination on Earth Alien Apocalypse (4/15) E
Reign of Fire → dragons Armageddon → meteors Dragon Storm (10/11) R
Ice Age → sabretooth tigers Jurassic Park → exotic theme park (or really the whole movie itself) Attack of the Sabretooth (7/21) O
2012 → 2012 apocalypse Christmas Vacation → Christmas 12 Disasters of Christmas (5/22) S
The Edge → bears Pitch Black → hostile alien planet Savage Planet (3/12) V
The Impossible → tsunami Open Water → sharks Malibu Shark Attack (4/17) I
Snakes on a Plane → snakes A Fistful of Dollars → wild west/wandering western gunman Copperhead (4/10) P
The Mummy → mummies Dogma → angels The Fallen Ones (8/13) E
Anaconda → anacondas Piranha/Piranha 3D → piranhas Piranhaconda (3/12) R