Solution to Sledgehammered

Authors: Aaron Bader, Karen Chu, and Chieu Nguyen

Each clue in the puzzle is a composite of two clues that have been mushed or "sledgehammered" together. When separated, the two clues apply to two separate grids, as in a standard Siamese Crossword, with the slight difference that we've eliminated the standard capitalization on the beginnings of clues (only proper nouns are capitalized).

For example the 1 across clue "pigrilplopews, coinstrunct shoperharpts" separates to "pillow construct perhaps" and "grippes, in short" yielding the two answer words FORT and FLUS. The complete separated grids, with solutions are provided below.

There are 20 boxes (symmetrically arranged) that have the same letter in both grids. These are designated by circles in the answer grids below. These letters spell FOSCHISURM BINANCHEDS which separates to FOUR INCHES and SCHISM BAND The solutions to these clues are HAND and TOOL giving the answer HAND TOOL.

The complete solutions for the grids, including the separation into two parts, are given below.

Solution to grid 1

Solution to grid 2