Solution to A Puzzle with the Answer LYNN

Authors: Erin Rhode and Anand Sarwate

In this puzzle, you are presented with two columns of 26 cluephrases each. You might notice that the first letters of the clues in the first column spell "THE ANSWER TO THE PUZZLE IS LYNN," which is great, except that you already know that, so you must actually solve the clues. (You didn't think we'd let you off that easy, did you?)

The answers to all of the clues are two word phrases, which pair up (one from each column) to form 26 backswitches. A backswitch is a word or phrase which becomes another when its last letter is changed (or "switched") and the remaining letters are reversed ("turned back"). So, for example, "Evaluate Aida or Carmen" in the left column is ASSESS OPERA, which forms a backswitch with REPOSSESS AM, which is the answer to the clue "Take back the morning" from the right column.

The final "switched" letter in all of the phrases from the left column are A-Z complete, which forms the ordering. Taking the pairs in this order and reading the final "switched" letter of the phrases from the right column gives the clue phrase "MOTION PICTURE ABOUT CHIGGERS." In addition, reading the first letter of the clues in the right column in this order (which were originally given alphabetically) spells "THIS TITLE IS A CABLE TV CHANNEL." A "MOTION PICTURE ABOUT CHIGGERS" is a MITE FILM, which forms a backswitch with the cable TV channel LIFETIME, which is the title to this puzzle.

Estimate value of Aida or Carmen e.g.ASSESS OPERATake back the morning hrs.REPOSSESS AM
Prodigal sonLOST LAMBHorlicks product aloneMALT SOLO
Rhus flattenedOBLATE SUMACIndulge the Duke of Shrewsbury with some jokesAMUSE TALBOT
What actor Nathan insists onLANE DEMANDSupply the largest mountain in North America with a titleNAME DENALI
Natural Selection artist's foundationFUEL BASETinctured heraldic black alien spacecraftSABLE UFO
Sprightly group of employeesAIRY STAFFImmense native of DamascusFAT SYRIAN
Steep rock formation found in a gymARENA CRAGTupac song that is esotericARCANE RAP
Zap a yellow fish common to the Great Lakes with a high energy beam of lightLASE PERCHLight French pancakes made in a style inspired by The GreatestCREPES ALI
Hard to find Pembroke or CardiganRARE CORGIEarly Sesame Street plotline featuring Mr. HooperGROCER ARC
Lee County, MS resident Kevin RussellTUPELO DJIt's a light golf stroke made by former senator BobDOLE PUTT
Yummy treat for a Belieber or a TrekkieFAN SNACKScrew up surrounding a soda containerCAN SNAFU
Tolerate a nothingABIDE NULLAfter-Sunday pub? (It.)LUNEDI BAR
Tawny or ruby companyPORT FIRMCord for a chasmRIFT ROPE
Ethical fall seasonMORAL AUTUMNA shared common odorMUTUAL AROMA
Ectoplasm from a roadside innMOTEL GOOBehold, leeringly, a mausoleumOGLE TOMB
Tabulate mint relative enjoyed by felinesLIST CATNIPLarge cylindrical grain storage building in one pieceINTACT SILO
Ancient MesopotamiaOLD IRAQEleanor's predecessor all dried outARID LOU
Location for Roman harvest prayersCERES ALTARThe globe holder, uprightATLAS ERECT
Name of lemon juice, Cointreau, and cognac cocktailsSIDE CARSVelocity contest audio recording mediumRACE DISC
Zealous pamphlet about YertleTURTLE TRACTCertainty about a syndicateCARTEL TRUTH
Exquisite trinket made from a beerBREW BIJOUHit that scores a run from an AnishinaabeOJIBWE RBI
If Naldi married Andrey, this would be her nameNITA MARKOVAbelmoschus getting it onOKRA MATING
US space agency's black birdNASA CROWNotes came out of ShamuORCA SANG
Hey, lady knight, chill out!DAME RELAXNewcastle Brown brewed againALE REMADE
Neutral color that is unattractiveHOMELY GRAYErnst, who developed a meteorological rocket, dressed in the Campbell tartanARGYLE MOHR
Online chatter about the singing voice of Audrey, Deborah, and NatalieMARNI BUZZLongest tenured director of the New York Philharmonic headbuttsZUBIN RAMS