Solution to A Puzzle with the Answer LOVE ME DO

Authors: Erin Rhode and Elaina Present
With additional performances/assistance from: Hanna Starobinets, Timur Starobinets, Maxim Starobinets, Rishi Gupta, and Rhett Aultman

The solver is presented with a number of videos of instruments (in alphabetical order by instrument name), with audio from a different instrument playing "Love Me Do." But since you already know that "Love Me Do" is the answer to the puzzle, this fact is not all that interesting. What is interesting is that instrument playing "Love Me Do" appears in a different video. Using this information you can build a chain to get an ordering, starting with the Bass.

If you follow along with the fingers (and learn quickly how to play these instruments), you can figure out what notes are being played and from there, determine what song is being played. The songs are presented in alphabetical order and each video gives an enumeration (i.e. (5, 4) for the bass video) which doesn't match the title of the song. However, each song was famously introduced in a movie (and was in fact nominated for the Oscar for Best Song) and the movie the song came from does match the enumeration. Reading down the first letter of the movie titles gives the phrase SWAN BOAT CITY. The city famous for swan boats, just across the river from MIT, is the title to the puzzle, BOSTON.

Original OrderAudio Instrument Playing "Love Me Do"Video InstrumentSong being playedMovie from which the song was nominated for an Oscar
12(Tenor) UkuleleBass"The Way You Look Tonight"Swing Time
8Music Box(Tenor) Ukulele"Count Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep"White Christmas
7KeyboardMusic Box"Somewhere Out There"An American Tail
1AccordionToy Keyboard"Baby It's Cold Outside"Neptune's Daughter
9PianoToy Accordion"Moon River"Breakfast At Tiffany's
11SitarPiano"Falling Slowly"Once
4FluteSitar"A Whole New World"Aladdin
5GlockenspielFlute"Take My Breath Away"Top Gun
10RecorderGlockenspiel"Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo"Cinderella
6GuitarRecorder"Through The Eyes Of Love"Ice Castles
3ClarinetClassical Guitar"Cheek To Cheek"Top Hat
2BassClarinet"You Light Up My Life"You Light Up My Life