Solution to A Puzzle with the Answer I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND

Author: Erin Rhode

This puzzle is a relay to be run from end to end on the Infinite Corridor. The length of the relay is determined by team size, with the smallest teams only having to run a two person relay and the largest teams having to run an eight person relay.

Each puzzle is solved in order by one person. The first person is "passed" the answer to the puzzle I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND. After the first person solves their puzzle, they runbriskly walk to the other end of the Infinite to pass their answer to the second person, who uses this information to solve their puzzle. The second person passes their answer back to the third person, etc., up to 8 people. The person at the end of the chain should have the final answer, SHARP, the title of the puzzle.

Team members may not talk to each other or otherwise communicate during the relay. There is a time limit of 5 minutes per puzzle (including travel time), but solvers may look at their portion as soon as the time starts (thus, for the 8 person relay, the person on puzzle number 8 can have 40 minutes to work with their puzzle, but it shouldn't be completely solvable until they have the answer to puzzle #7).

If solvers fail to get the correct answer after an attempt, they may regroup, change their order, and repeat the process. They may also return to their HQ to do any research they feel they need, but they cannot take copies of the puzzle with them.

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