Solution to A Puzzle with the Answer CAN'T BUY ME LOVE

Author: Elaina Present

Each pair of performances consists of two different athletes performing the same vault.

Video IA Video IB Video IA: Adrian Gomez, Brazil
Video IB: Valerika Grisane, Slovenia
Video IIA Video IIB Video IIA: Oksana Chusovitina, Uzbekistan
Video IIB: Elsabeth Black, Canada
Video IIIA Video IIIB Video IIIA: Giulia Steingruber, Switzerland
Video IIIB: Larisa Iordache, Romania
Video IVA Video IVB Video IVA: Peyton Ernst, USA
Video IVB: Aliya Mustafina, Russia
Video VA Video VB Video VA: Maria Paseka, Russia
Video VB: Simone Biles, USA


All videos were from international competition in 2013, and therefore subject to the 2013-2016 Code of Points for Women's Artistic Gymnastics, published by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), which is the current Code of Points for international elite competition in women's artistic gymnastics.

ID and D

Identify each vault and record the Code of Points ID and the D Score associated with the vault (also known as the difficulty of the vault).

The current FIG WAG COP can be found here. The vault table of elements is pages 57-68.


The squiggles in the rebus images are judges' shorthand for various vault elements and can also be found in the current Code of Points.

Vault data

Vault I: Handspring Front Pike
In the current Code of Points: "Handspring fwd on – piked salto fwd off"
ID: 2.20
D: 4.60
Judges' Shorthand:
Vault II: Handspring Layout Full Twist
In the current Code of Points: "Handspring fwd on – stretched salto with 1/1 turn (360°) off"
ID: 2.32
D: 5.80
Judges' Shorthand:
Vault III: Tsukahara Layout Full Twist
In the current Code of Points: "Tsukahara stretched with 1/1 turn (360°) off"
ID: 3.32
D: 5.20
Judges' Shorthand:
Vault IV: Yurchenko Layout Double Twist
In the current Code of Points: "Round-off, flic-flac on – stretched salto bwd with 2/1 turn (720°) off"
ID: 4.34
D: 5.80
Judges' Shorthand:
Vault V: Yurchenko half on (Khorkina) Layout Half Twist
In the current Code of Points: "Round-off, flic-flac with ½ turn (180°) on – salto fwd stretched with ½ turn (180°) off"
ID: 5.31
D: 5.60
Judges' Shorthand:

Note: Judges' shorthand symbols are screenshots from the Code of Points.


The words CAN'T, BUY ME, and LOVE can be read in the three rebuses, which together form the answer to the puzzle, CANT BUY ME LOVE.

To get the title, shade in each region in the rebus images that has the judge's shorthand symbol for one of the vaults in the video and a digit of the D Score or ID for that same vault.

This reveals the following cluephrase:


The cluephrase resolves to SCORE.

Source videos

For those who may be curious:

VaultAthleteFIG CodeDifficultyYouTube Source Video
IAAdrian Gomez2.204.60
IBValerika Grisane2.204.60
IIAOksana Chusovitina2.325.80
IIBElsabeth Black2.325.80
IIIAGiulia Steingruber3.325.20
IIIBLarisa Iordache3.325.20
IVAPeyton Ernst4.345.80
IVBAliya Mustafina4.345.80
VAMaria Paseka5.315.60
VBSimone Biles5.315.60