Solution to Obsessive-Compulsive Dickishness

Authors: Jason Juang and Erin Rhode

Originally, it was intended that teams would come to HQ and pick up a bag of shredded paper. However, at the suggestion of Chris Lyon, teams came to HQ and were briefly shown the end result before we shredded the puzzle live in front of them. We have no regrets about this.

Reconstructing the shredded documents produces a series of images. The images are modified versions of The Oatmeal's Dear Sriracha comic.

Most of the letters in the comic have been replaced with "X", except for a handful which have been replaced by a number from 1 to 33. Take the numbered letters and place them in order to get RED JUICY COCK DISH SOUNDS LIKE COCO VAN. The answer is COQ AU VIN.

For reference, the replaced words (in numerical order) are:

  1. fiRe
  2. enlightEnment
  3. incanDescent
  4. Jungle
  5. sUns
  6. anImal
  7. deliCious
  8. dYing
  9. Chili
  10. firestOrm
  11. Cheap
  12. yaKi
  13. passeD
  14. pIzza
  15. rooSter
  16. susHi
  17. Sriracha
  18. dOods
  19. bUild
  20. chaNg's
  21. acciDentally
  22. Someone
  23. napaLming
  24. thaI
  25. liKe
  26. burnEd
  27. sCary
  28. whOops!
  29. fuuuuCk
  30. nOthing
  31. saVior
  32. pAd
  33. aNything