Solution to Now Let's Create Melodies

Authors: Seth Bisen-Hersh and Erin Rhode
Additional lyrics and puppetry: Staci Rosen and Ryan Roe

All of the songs are paraphrases of songs sung by a guest star on The Muppet Show. The guest stars and the songs they sang on The Muppet Show, along with the paraphrased titles, are:

  • Arlo Guthrie - Sailing Down This Golden River (Cruising South The Special Waterway)
  • Ben Vereen - Pure Imagination (True Innovation)
  • Bernadette Peters - Just One Person (Only One Someone)
  • Carol Burnett - But Not For Me (Yet Never Mine)
  • Carol Channing - Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend (Precious Stones are a Female's Top Ally)
  • Connie Stevens - A Teenager In Love (An Adolescent With Lusty Eye)
  • Danny Kaye - Cheek to Cheek (Face to Face)
  • Elton John - Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Never Destroy My Blood Pumper)
  • Ethel Merman - You're the Top (You Da Bomb)
  • Florence Henderson - Happy Together (Ecstatic Jointly)
  • Gene Kelly - You Wonderful You (You Fantastic You)
  • Gladys Knight - God Bless The Child (Lord Sanctify the Kid)
  • Harry Belafonte - Turn the World Around (Rotate the Earth All Over)
  • Helen Reddy - We'll Sing in the Sunshine (You and Me'll Vocalize Under The Light)
  • Jean Stapleton - I'm Just Wild About Harry (Crazy 'Bout Potter)
  • Joel Grey - Razzle Dazzle (Gaudy Displays)
  • John Denver - Grandma's Feather Bed (Nanny's Plummage Cot)
  • Johnny Cash - Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog (Filthy Aged Ova-Slurping Pup)
  • Judy Collins - Send in the Clowns (Bring in the Comic Relief)
  • Julie Andrews - Whistle a Happy Tune (Blow Out a Joyful Melody)
  • Linda Ronstadt - It's In His Kiss (It's How He Smooches)
  • Liza Minnelli - A Quiet Thing (A Soundless Bit)
  • Lynda Carter - Orange Colored Sky (Carrot Tinted Above)
  • Madeline Kahn - Feet (Lower Extremities)
  • Melissa Manchester - Don't Cry Out Loud (Never Roar Externally Booming)
  • Paul Simon - Scarborough Fair (Yorkshire's Exposition)
  • Rita Moreno - Fever (Temperature)
  • Sandy Duncan - Try to Remember (Attempt to Recall)
  • Sylvester Stallone - Let's Call the Whole Thing Off (Let's Forget About It)
  • Valerie Harper - Broadway Baby (Wide Road Infant)

Reading the intersecting letters of the grids in order gives: "SANG DISCOURAGED" The song "You Mustn't Feel Discouraged" was sung on The Muppet Show by BUDDY RICH, who is the answer.