Solution to Magic Mushrooms

Authors: Brandy Buckingham, Jason Juang, Dan Katz, and Erin Rhode
Original concept: Brandy Buckingham

Solve each logic puzzle. For each given number that is on a mushroom, you must either add 1 to or subtract 1 from the clue, as instructed.

There is also a tiny, tiny letter hidden on each mushroom. "Grow" the mushrooms by zooming in. The mushroom letters in each puzzle spell a member of a group that can be ordered by size. For each +1 mushroom, move one position up (larger) in the size ordering, and for each -1 mushroom, move one position down (smaller).

A zoomed in mushroom with the letter L.

Read the first letters of the resulting items to find the answer, SLUGGISH.

PuzzleCategoryMushroom letters spell +1's-1'sNew member of category
SkyscrapersSkyscrapers, by heightJIN MAO +0-6SHUN HING SQUARE
NurikabeElements, by atomic massNITROGEN +2-6LITHIUM
HashiPlanets, by volumeVENUS +4-1URANUS
HeyawakeSI prefixes, by bignessGIGA +2-2GIGA
CorralCountries, by total areaMALAYSIA +6-2GERMANY
FillominoU.S. States, by total areaFLORIDA +2-5ILLINOIS
HitoriStarbucks drink sizes, by volumeVENTI +1-4SHORT
SlitherlinkBoxing weight classes, by weightWELTER +6-0HEAVY

Solutions to each puzzle:

Author: Dan Katz

Author: Brandy Buckingham

Author: Jason Juang

Author: Brandy Buckingham

Author: Jason Juang

Author: Dan Katz

Author: Dan Katz

Author: Erin Rhode