Solution to Lobster Quadrille

Author: Anand Sarwate, Harvey Jones, Karen Robinson, and Ankur Meta
Dance Instructors: Seth Bisen-Hersh, Susan Byrne, Laura Daher, Laura Martini, Ankur Mehta, Mike Phillips, Kristen Sunter, Pranjal Vachaspati, Cathy Wu

In the Lobster Quadrille, teams showed up and were handed a stuffed or rubber lobster, a picture of a full lobster and each participant got a dance card corresponding to one of 5 parts of the lobster with 6 dances listed on it. These corresponded to:

Each dance card had a picture and label of a piece of the lobster (antennae, left claw, right claw, cephalothorax, abdomen). The dancers formed groups of five comprising a full lobster and then learned the 6 dances on their card in front of the each of the 6 dance leaders. When, as a lobster, they satisfied the dance leader, the leader took their dance cards and filled out 5 letters corresponding to that dance and the lobster part.

When they completed all 6 dances, the teams assembled their lobster cards with the sheet for the full lobster that already has an E on the tail and read off the clue phrase: WATCH OUT FOR THE WHITE KNIGHT'S BLADE.