Solution to I Came Across a Japanese Rose Garden

Authors: Erin Rhode and Jason Juang

Each of the grey bands on the finger nails contains a link to cartoon image. Each cartoon illustrates a color in the OPI nail polish catalogue. Using the nail polish color to colorize the bands, each finger nail can now be treated as a resistor with colored bands. Using the resistor color code and mapping the resulting numbers to the alphabet gives the phrase "CAMRYS AND TERCELS." Both are TOYOTAS.

 A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find (Orange)
Orange = 3 = C
 Brisbane Bronze (Brown)
Brown = 1 = A
Tickle My France-y (Brown)In My Back Pocket (Orange)
Brown Orange = 13 = M
A-Piers to Be Tan (Brown)Suzi Takes the Wheel (Grey)
Brown Grey = 18 = R
First Date at the Golden Gate (Red)Here Today Aragon Tomorrow (Green)
Red Green = 25 = Y
Sprung (Brown)Alpine Snow (White)
Brown White = 19 = S
 Java Mauve-A (Brown)
Brown = 1 = A
Barefoot in Barcelona (Brown)Need Sunglasses? (Yellow)
Brown Yellow = 14 = N
 Don't Talk Bach to Me (Yellow)
Yellow = 4 = D
An Affair in Red Square (Red)Black Onyx (Black)
Red Black = 20 = T
 Gargantuan Green Grape (Green)
Green = 5 = E
Chocolate Moose (Brown)French Quarter For Your Thoughts (Grey)
Brown Grey = 18 = R
 Y'all Come Back Ya Hear? (Orange)
Orange = 3 = C
 Green-wich Village (Green)
Green = 5 = E
Wooden Shoe Like to Know? (Brown)Red My Fortune Cookie (Red)
Brown Red = 12 = L
San Tan-tonio (Brown)Funny Bunny (White)
Brown White = 19 = S