Solution to Hedgehogs and Flamingos

Author: Jason Juang

The grid represents a croquet field. The title is an allusion to the equipment used by the Queen of Hearts in her croquet game, as well as (sort of) a reference to Mike Selinker's "Hedgehogs and Worms" puzzles.

A ball may score up to 13 points in croquet by passing through the hoops in the correct order (and direction) and then striking the center peg, as illustrated in the diagram. Each hoop is marked by a square that is split diagonally into two halves. Words are clued in order, and must be entered in the grid following the path that a ball would take around the field. Each hoop square holds two letters; a different letter is used each time the ball passes through the hoop.

Reading the 13 "scoring" letters—the 12 hoop letters in the order they are used, plus the center peg—spells CHRYSANTHEMUM, which is the answer.

MEMCPYFunction that reproduces a range of bytes
GENITALOne of Freud's five stages
NO HELPUseless
PABLOName for a Giant Panda?
KERRYClinton follower
ARTERY93 in Boston, or 101 in Silicon Valley
CUE BALLIt's white and can jump
PESETAEuro predecessor
CRABAPPLEFruit for crustaceans?
NON-LATINLike Greek or Arabic scripts
EGYPTIts government fell in 2011
MEDIA LABIt's near East Campus
EUCHRE24 card game that Jack Bauer might like
TRADEWheat for sheep, say
GRUYÈRESwiss cheese
KOLBBQBL favorite Kevin
ARCMINPart of a deg.
AMATEURNot professional
BLOSSOMMayim role