Solution to Cut and Tape

Author: Jonny Surick

The solvers are presented with what is pretty obviously an 102 piece jigsaw puzzle. After cutting out the pieces and putting all the pieces together they should get an image that itself contains 15 weird shapes that have a number of sharp black(or white if the background is black) lines. A couple of the shapes should specifically remind of images of what shapes look like unfolded. Each of these shapes is an unfolded 3D shape. Cutting these shapes out of the 2D puzzle and folding them will give 15 weird 3D shapes. These themselves are a 3D puzzle that can be placed together to create a recognizable shape. To help with putting together the 3D puzzle, all faces that are inside the model are colored a color that is not used on the outside. When constructed the shape of the model is the recognizable head of SNOOPY wearing his aviator goggles and cap giving the answer to this puzzle. In order to help with the identification there is an UP on the top of Snoopy's head to tell you what orientation to look at the completed 3D puzzle.

Image of Completes 2D puzzle with numbers to match to 3D shapes

Images of all the 3D puzzle pieces folded

Images of Constructed 3D Puzzle

Approximate positions of 3D pieces in final shape (Left and Right correspond to Snoopy's Left and Right)

  1. Middle of Snout
  2. Left Ear
  3. Bottom of Snout
  4. Right Eye
  5. Top-Right Back of Head
  6. Right Ear
  7. Top of Head
  8. Left Eye
  9. Top of Snout
  10. Beneath Left Eye
  11. Bottom-Right Back of Head
  12. Top-Left Back of Head
  13. Bottom-Left Back of Head
  14. Bottom-Left (Bottom of entire shape)
  15. Bottom-Right (Bottom of entire shape)