Solution to Campus Art from Z to A

Authors: Quinn Mahoney, Lauren Herring, and Kat Struckmann

The 'Z' in the title refers to the Zesiger center. Each of the drawings is a section from Matthew Ritchie's Games of Chance and Skill in the Zesiger center entrance.

When you match each drawing to the mural, you will notice some lines missing. Below are all 25 images with the corresponding section of the mural, and the difference between them. (Click each to enlarge.)

Images 1 - 10Images 11 - 20Images 21 - 25

The missing lines form letters and mathematical symbols. Those symbols, in order, are:

The 'A' in the title refers to Jaume Plensa's Alchemist sculpture outside W20. There is a unique, closed path around the sculpture where each symbol (blue) is touching the next, except with a few symbols missing (orange).

Fill in the missing symbols to spell the answer, BAD BOYS.