Solution to A Rose by Any Other

Author: Erin Rhode

This puzzle is a combination multi-colored paint-by-number and dropquote. Solving the PBN reveals a "Hello My Name Is" name badge and certain letters not colored in, which align by columns to be the same number of letters as is needed in the drop quote. Solving the drop quote gives the birth names of many famous people who changed their name (i.e. Allen Konigsberg, who is more famously known as Woody Allen).

In the second grid, the more famous stage names of all of these people fit, with the shaded blue squares matching in two of the names. Reading the shaded blue squares gives NATALIE HERSHLAG, which is the real name of actress NATALIE PORTMAN, the answer.

Birth NameChanged Name
Allen KonigsbergWoody Allen
Alphonso D'AbruzzoAlan Alda
Amanda Lee RogersPortia De Rossi
Archie LeachCary Grant
Bernice FrankelBea Arthur
Cassius ClayMuhammad Ali
Declan Patrick MacManusElvis Costello
Eilleen Regina EdwardsShania Twain
Frances GummJudy Garland
Frederick AusterlitzFred Astaire
Leslie Townes HopeBob Hope
Lucille LeSueurJoan Crawford
Richard StarkeyRingo Starr
Robert ZimmermanBob Dylan
Roy Harold Scherer JrRock Hudson
William BroadBilly Idol