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Lobby 7

A large grin fades into existence in Lobby 7, followed by the rest of a lavender and pink striped smiling cat. "Why, hello there!" the Cat exclaims. "I'm the Cheshire Cat. I know a few things about what's been going on here..." The Cat pauses and fades out of view, reappearing on a plinth behind you.

"You might have seen a few puzzling things happening around this...campus, is it? My presence included. But as you may have guessed, I'm not the only visitor from Wonderland here. A number of us have come in through the rabbit holes.

We don't mean any trouble, I promise." The Cat's grin sinks a bit as she continues. "There's a problem in Wonderland, you see. Well, perhaps you can't see yet. But there's a Beast loose, and it's wreaking havoc throughout Wonderland. Some of us fled through the rabbit holes and arrived here to hide."

"Others, like myself, have come to enjoy the chaos and perhaps lend a hand...or two", the Cat comments as she disappears again for a few moments, leaving only two paws. "All beasts can be defeated if you know the right tricks. If you can find the others hiding about campus, I'm sure they could be convinced to show you the way to Wonderland. If you ask nicely enough, they might even help you find the Beast. Perhaps they'd even lead you to a vorpal sword, should you find a use for it."

"To find these hiding Wonderlandians, you need only put out some bait. But what is the right bait, you ask? Oh, that's easy enough. It's in the map as plain as day! Just look over that way...or that way...or maybe..."

And with that, the Cat vanishes into thin air, leaving you alone in Lobby 7 with the sinking feeling that something quite puzzling is about to happen.