Bonus Puzzles

Over the course of writing the hunt, we had two meta puzzles and two regular round puzzles that were testsolved, but didn't have a place in the actual hunt. In the case of the meta puzzles, this is because we believed our other options were ultimately stronger (and in the case of the talking flowers, the meta morphed into a different meta (MIT/diamonds) which did get used). In the case of the round puzzles, this is because they were intentionally designed such that the answer gets the solver to a task which they have to perform to get a final answer. These puzzles were ready to be dropped in quickly if a puzzle were to break due to, say, the New York Times not publishing a crossword we needed. Luckily, this didn't happen and we didn't need these puzzles. But they're nice puzzles, so maybe some of you can solve them now the hunt is over.

~ Erin Rhode, Director 2014 MIT Mystery Hunt