Jack of Diamonds

For the first, find a group that teaches the youth
(or perhaps telepathically signal, in truth)
Subtract where you might join to hike or to climb 
Adventuring outdoors for a wonderful time.  

For the second, find a group for the cinema buffs
Projecting the films, running lectures, and stuff
Find the two doors for this group in the hall
And take the difference, and that should be all.

For the third, find a group making one book a year
First subtract the undergraduate leadership fair
Then divide what you have by the difference between
Fantastical spaceships and a newspaper team

For the fourth, find a group for all musical plays
Subtract those who perform the Bard's works today
Add a service fraternity; subtract
Twice those who perform Will and Art, act-by-act 

For the fifth, take those who like space exploration
Add engineers who are of the female persuasion
Divide this sum by the difference of Piano Room A 
And students who love art.  Done.  Callooh!  Callay!