Nine of Clubs

The Dormouse says "First, there's my dear auntie Mary
Who liked solving problems interdisciplinary
And also preferred letters to numbers by far.
She was born at the fall of the USSR.

"Then there are older ancestors, like Merle
Who made molecules dance during War of the Worlds
And George, who spliced genes by night and by day
While the US elected the young JFK."

One of the Tweedles--you can't really keep track--
Says "Our father once worked on a large Tokamak
He was born when James Bond first saw print; I love M!
(Oh--avoid those who sound like a British PM.)

"Our mother was working on machines (and the oceans)
While Allen and Gates first put Microsoft in motion
And Granddad designed planes that everyone liked
During the time of the Anschluss Österreichs."

The Caterpillar says, "You think MY smoke is trippy?
You should have seen Grandpa--he was quite the hippy
He cared a great deal for the environment fair
And camped out at Woodstock--oh yes, he was there.  

"And Old 'Pillar studied metals, ceramics and more
Back at the end of the US Civil War
And Grandma built circuits all over the place
When Gagarin became the first man in space."

The Cheshire Cat says "With these fine engineers
Find entries that match both in fields and in years
Read the first letters, by hook or by crook
And give the next word from within Carroll's book."