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MIT Runaround

After solving all three of the MIT metas and discovering the locations of the Rabbit Holes, The Cheshire Cat showed up and told the teams that the Jabberwock had escaped Wonderland and the team had to go chase him down, thinking that he is the beast. However, he was seen near all three of the Rabbit Holes and therefore the teams have to split into three groups to go and find him. Those initial three location and additional information was given in the form of a QR code which told the teams to split up and go to the first floor point of Building 66, Lobby 6, and the second floor of Building 33.

This starts a three path runaround around MIT campus to the locations corresponding to the placements of the cards on the MIT map. This meant that each path had 8 puzzles giving a total of 24 runaround locations. At each location teams find a QR code on a poster of the playing card for that location.

Scanning the QR code would bring you a puzzle that could only be solved in that location (only if you had reached that location so teams could not go out of order). Each page had it's own answer submit box which automatically check to see if your answer was the correct one. After correctly solving the puzzle, teams were then given the next puzzle in the path and the next card they had to find and scan.

Each path uses cards from one of the three suits used in MIT round with each path starting near the Rabbit Hole used by the Character for that Meta. The puzzles for each location were as follows:

After solving the last puzzle in any given path the teams were given the following poem:

Now you may face the creature you stalk
The one that is known as the jabberwock
Gather this answer with the other two
Then call hq to find out what to do.

Once teams called HQ and confirm the final answer from all three of the paths they were sent to the basement entrance to 26-100 where they used the three final answers to open a chest containing the Vorpal Sword right outside of 26-100. Weapon in hand the team charged into 26-100 through the basement entrance to attack the Jabberwock. However before they could attack the Jabberwock informs them that he is not in fact the beast. He only ran away from Wonderland to escape the beast and will head back as soon as the real beast is defeated.

The teams are then given the deck of playing cards (once they return the Vorpal Sword) and told that the real answer to who the beast is contained within the cards before heading out the way they came. The solution to the Card Deck meta-meta is located with the solutions to the other MIT metas.

Archivist's note: You can view the card fronts and card backs by clicking on the links. You can call in the meta-meta answer in the MIT round page.