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2014 MIT Mystery Hunt

Kickoff for the 2014 MIT Mystery Hunt was held in Kresge Auditorium on Friday, January 17 at noon, masquerading as the 33rd Annual Conference on Maturing Young Scientific Theories: Emerging Resolutions for Yielding Heuristic Unphysics using Noncomputation Techniques, featuring a plenary talk by John Galt (a joke based on the writing team's previous name of [the entire text of Atlas Shrugged]).

Part way through Galt's talk, the Cheshire Cat revealed herself and the real hunt theme: Wonderland (or Alice Shrugged). A beast has been terrorizing Wonderland, causing some of the Wonderlandians to escape to MIT via rabbit holes. Teams were tasked with finding the escapees, defeating the beast, and closing all the rabbit holes -- all done by solving puzzles, naturally.

The Hunt concluded on Sunday, January 19th at 6:00 PM with 8 teams finishing the hunt. The winning team, One Fish Two Fish Random Fish Blue Fish, found the coin on Sunday, January 17th at 2:30 AM.

By popular demand, Cards Against Wonderland PDFs can be found on the event's solution page.