My Socrates Note (Solution)

by Jana Mooster and Shira Helft

The "My Socrates Note" event was a play on themes from the movie Sneakers. Each team was asked to send one member to "play with tiles". Upon arrival, teams sat randomly at tables in groups of four.

The challenge: teams had to play an entire round of the game "Password" in under 10 minutes in order to get past the lock into Cosmo's office. The rules of Password were just like the game Bananagrams, except that:

  • Each player started with 21 tiles.
  • Each player was only allowed one "dump" (trading in an unwanted tile for three others) per game.
  • All players must have all of their tiles played as Scrabble-approved words on their board at the end of ten minutes.
  • In each round, the words "TOO", "MANY", and "SECRETS", as well as a random mystery word that was provided 5 minutes into the game, needed to be spelled out. Each team member needed to have one of these four secret words on their final board.

Once a team of four was able to complete all their boards, they were let into the side corridor that was "Cosmo's office". In the corridor was the answer to the puzzle: ELECTRONIC TOLL COLLECTION.