I Can See For Miles (Solution)

by David Roe, based on an idea by Charles Steinhardt

Each picture shows a building or location within a major world city. Each city occurs once in the left column and once in the right column. Distances between locations within the same city are very close to an integral number of miles. Indexing into the city name and ordering by the first column (the second column is sorted by city name) yields the answer phrase, CALL IN SWEETWOOD BARK.

Chicago (Trump International Hotel and Tower), 1 mile, C

Jakarta (Wisma 46), 2 miles, A

Kuala Lumpur (Masjid Muaz bin Jabal), 4 miles, L

Milan (Centro Sociale Barrios) 3 miles, L

Lisbon (Aqueduct of the Free Waters), 2 miles, I

Munich (Deutchesmuseum), 3 miles, N

Paris (CNIT), 5 miles, S

Washington (National Gallery of Art), 1 mile, W

Beijing (Meridian Gate, Forbidden City), 2 miles, E

Vienna (Cathedral of Vienna), 3 miles, E

Toronto (Casa Loma), 1 mile, T

Warsaw (Palace of Culture and Science), 1 mile, W

Moscow (World Trade Center), 2 miles, O

Sao Paulo (Ginasio do Ibirapuera), 3 miles, O

London (Saint Paul's Cathedral), 4 miles, D

Boston (Fenway Park), 1 mile, B

Amsterdam (Nieuwe Kirk), 1 mile, A

Barcelona (Placa de les Glories Catalanes), 3 miles, R

Tokyo (Tokyo Tower), 3 miles, K

Amsterdam (Maritime History Museum)

Barcelona (National Art Museum of Catalonia)

Beijing (Galaxy Soho)

Boston (Boston Public Library)

Chicago (Buckingham Fountain)

Jakarta (National Monument)

Kuala Lumpur (Masjid Negara)

Lisbon (CC Colombo)

London (ArcelorMittal Orbit)

Milan (Castello Sforzesco)

Moscow (Christ the Savior Cathedral)

Munich (Marienklausenbr├╝cke)

Paris (the Louvre)

Sao Paulo (Museu Paulista)

Tokyo (Meiji Treasure Museum)

Toronto (Royal Ontario Museum)

Vienna (Intersection of Donauufer Autobahn and Floridsdorfer Brucke)

Warsaw (Warsaw Trade Tower)

Washington (White House)