Air Traffic Control (Solution)

by Robyn Speer and Charles Steinhardt

Each puzzle is associated with a U.S. city on the round page:

  • Kansas City: Too Many Seacrest
  • Atlanta: Permuted
  • Detroit: The Alphabet Book
  • Boise: My Socrates Note (event)
  • San Francisco: Infinite Cryptogram
  • St. Louis: Security Theater
  • Oklahoma City: Dear Abby
  • Chicago: Evolution
  • Birmingham: Around the World in 1 Day
  • Minneapolis: Trochees, Etc.
  • Memphis: Git Hub
  • Dallas: Eclectic Spatial Geometry
  • Houston: I Can See For Miles
  • New York: Till You Make It
  • Buffalo: Linked Pairs
  • Billings: My Cup Runneth Over

In the ATC meta, you fill in the circles with answers that overlap on their first and last letters, matching the give letters. When you encounter the numbers 1, 2, and 3 in each circle, use them to extract an airport code.

The directions between these airports (many of which are tiny) and the cities of the puzzles that led to them form approximate compass directions, which you can treat as semaphore.

The semaphore signals use the "number shift" symbol, because the answer is a room number. (number shift) 1 4 (number shift) 0 6 3 7 spells 14-0637.