Underbrush (Solution)

by Lilly Chin and Brooks Withrow, based on an idea by Matt Granoff

After reading through these journal entries, you realize that the cities and routes on the camping trips all correspond to cities and routes in the Pokemon universe based on structures mentioned in the journal entries.

So in each camping trip, the following journeys happen:

Camping Trip #1

  1. Start in Saffron
  2. Head to Cerulean via Route 5
  3. Head to Lavender via Route 9, 10 and Rock Tunnel
  4. Head to Saffron via Route 8
  5. Head to Vermillion via Route 6
  6. Head to Lavender via Route 11 and Route 12
  7. Return to Vermillion (route order does not matter)

Camping Trip #2

  1. Start in Violet
  2. Head to Azalea via Ruins of Alpha, Route 32, 33 and Union Cave
  3. Head to Goldenrod via Ilex Forest and Route 34
  4. Head to Violet via National Park and Route 35, 36

Camping Trip #3

  1. Start in Pallet Town
  2. Head to Viridian via Route 1
  3. Head to Pewter via Route 2 / Viridian Forest

Camping Trip #4

  1. Start at top of Route 17 / Cycling Road
  2. Head to Fuchsia / Safari Zone

Shading in the routes traveled for each camping trip draws out a letter on the Kanto / Johto region map.

Reading the letters in order of camping trip gives us our final answer: BOIL.