Lojicomix (Solution)

by Robyn Speer and Alex Rozenshteyn; art by DD Liu

# la'e dei na jitfa ijo lo danfu le salpo li pa sumji
                        le salpo cu lidne lo danfu

Put together the jumbled comics to form comics in which the human says a logical paradox.

The titles that appear above the second panels are used for extraction.

#   Title                           Paradox

1.  "Ckini jufra"                   .i la'e di'e jitfa .i / la'e di'u jetnu
    ["Related sentences"]           [The next statement is false. The previous statement is true.]

2.  "zDile tcica"                   .i mi jifsku / dei
    ["Amusing liar"]                [I am lying in this sentence.]

3.  "ciPra co klesi"                .i xu le selcmi be lo'i ckaji be lo ka ce'u / na cmima ri cu cmima vo'a
    ["Subset test"]                 [Is the set of all things that aren't members of themselves a member of itself?]

4.  "samPu mupli"                   .i la'e dei / jitfa
    ["Simple example"]              [This sentence is false.]

5.  "pa loGji ke purdi pluta"       .i ko pensi lo xanto / .ijo ko spoja
    ["A logical garden path"]       [Think of an elephant, if and only if you explode.]

6.  "flalu Be fu la .azimov."       .i ko na tinbe / lo se tinbe be fi mi
    ["Asimov's law"]                [Do not obey my commands.]

7.  "ko ca zi Jdice"                .i xu lo natfe be dei cu / danfu dei noi preti
    ["Decide right now"]            [Will you answer this question in the negative?]

8.  "e'o ca guSni"                  .i xu la cevni ka'e cupra lo bangu poi lo ni ke'a pluja ku banzu / le nu cy na ka'e tavla fo ke'a
    ["Let there be light"]          [Can God create a language so complicated that he can't speak it?]

9.  "frica salPo"                   .i da cu liste lo'i ro mrena'u .i le da / salpo poi saclu cu te sumji li pi ra'e ci de .i de zvati ma ne'i da
    ["Different diagonal"]          [X is a list of all real numbers. Its diagonal (which is a decimal) plus .333... is Y. Where is Y inside X?]

10. "zmadu pa goTro"                .i ma dilcu li vo / li no
    ["More than a septillion"]      [What is 4 divided by 0?]

11. "cinri traji Be fo ro namcu"]   .i li xo du lo cmarai be lo'i mulna'u poi lo su'e / pa mu lojbo valsi na skicu ke'a
 ["Most interesting number of all"] [What is the smallest number that cannot be described in 15 Lojban words?]

12.  "ti bancu le do Jimte"         .i ko pensi lo namcu poi traji lo ka barda kei fo lo'i namcu poi do ka'e pensi .i ma / sumji li pa le se go'i
    ["This exceeds your limits"]    [Think of the largest number you can think of. What is that plus 1?]

The words following the panel break, when put in order, are:

    la'e dei na jitfa .ijo lo danfu le salpo li pa sumji
    [This sentence is true if and only if the answer is the sum of the diagonal and one.]

Which is a convoluted way of saying

    The answer is the diagonal plus one.

When you take the letters on the diagonal of the titles -- keeping in mind that ' is a fully-fledged letter in Lojban -- you get:


Add one to the diagonal, by taking the following letter of the Lojban alphabet (which has no H or Q), to get the answer: