Will Ruin Your Life [I'm Feeling Lucky] (Solution)

by Karen Rustad and Asheesh Laroia

The image is a maze of media items with pages in TVTropes. The nodes are media items; the lines are potential connections to other media items. Green is start; red is end.

The goal is to get from the start to the end following a path made by the tropes two media items have in common.

The correct path is one where the two media items have one and only one trope in common.

The correct path (media item → trope):

  • The Divine Comedy → Hellhound
  • Almighty Thor → Eyepatch of Power
  • Two Thousand Maniacs! → Road Sign Reversal
  • The Longest Day → Only Sane Man
  • The Game (the Neil Strauss book) → I Love You Because I Can't Control You
  • Rose Of The Prophet → No Guy Wants an Amazon
  • Raptor Red → Everything's Squishier With Cephalopods
  • Monsters (2010)

Take the first letter of each of the connecting tropes in the correct path, and you spell out the answer to the puzzle, HEROINE.