Reading Comprehension -- Solved

This instant classic, by John Michaelson, is sure to delight fans everywhere! Read the story of Rhett Harrin, a prominent business tycoon, whose most distinguishing trait is a bloated opinion of his own worth. Inspired by the figure of Napoleon, and urged on by his snobbish aunt, he rules over his company with no sense of human regard. But soon, the rewards of his hubris are returned upon him, and he receives a just recompense for his disregard for others. An excellent read for anyone who is feeling crushed by the upper echelons of society!
(5, 3, 10)

Who is the groom at the end of the book?

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the wizarding friends are trapped in the frog production facility. can they escape before they eat the wrong thing and swell up hugely? a fanfic by jake_the_lentil
(5, 6, 3, 3, 9, 7)

Who owns a sweets shop?

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Setting: the Gobi Desert. One of the bleakest places on Earth; nearer to the Martian landscape than anywhere on this planet. But Elizabeth H. Lane had a dream: to grow the first part of a forest in this most bizarre of locales. An arborist by training, Lane always loved taking on nigh-impossible challenges. In this memoir, she reflects on the difficulties she encountered along the way, encountering challenges from the harsh climate to disgruntled environmentalists and everything in between. But her tenacity, and the plant's, wins out and shows how persistence can prevail in even the harshest conditions on the planet.
(1, 4, 5, 2, 1, 7, 4)

Who is the main female character?

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Entertain your child and teach him geometry at the same time, in this magical story from Ella Charles! Watch his eyes glow as he travels the land of Plane along with our hero Euclid and Polly the Polygon, who dreams of one day gaining enough sides to be truly round. Together, they go in search of the magician, famed for his power over circles and their dimensions, to help Polly achieve her dreams. But what they discover as they drift aimlessly across the ocean to find his island is more valuable than any magical cure. Watch your child laugh with delight as he learns about the powers of mathematics and friendship!
(3, 9, 6, 2, 2)

Who is the main character?

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Spiritual writer and mystic M. M. has returned with another inspirational work! Part novel, part memoir, part nature writing, and part spiritual guidebook, the work has been long awaited by fans of M's first book Mondays with the Sun. In this book, M travels through the fields of Georgia, discussing philosophy, spirituality, meaning, and the natural world. Let the breeze blow through your life and rid you of clutter, M bids, and the call will certainly appeal to readers everywhere who feel overburdened by the "stuff" of life.
(8, 4, 3, 4)

From whose perspective is the story told?

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HACKER TELLS ALL! Discover the man behind the pseudonym! For the first time, the mysterious figure known only by the image of a lizard painted all over his body has agreed to talk to our intrepid reporter, Anya Larskovich. Read for the first time about his life before he became the master criminal and computer genius! Learn about his story of lost love, his early apprenticeship as a stage actor in Paris, and his favorite type of dessert, in this once-of-a-lifetime exposé!
(9, 4, 3, 6, 6)

Who is the narrator's companion?

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Catch a rare glimpse of secretive billionaire R. H.'s mansion nestled away in a California valley and named for that famed paradisical garden. Architect Kendra Stonebrook takes you through its foundation and support structure, from the innovative layout of its columns to the unique capitals atop them. She also describes some of the history of these columns: how they were carted in and carved in place by a series of master carvers. Any fans of architecture are sure to be delighted by this once-in-a-lifetime glimpse into a modern marvel!
(3, 7, 2, 4)

What father befriends a son not his own?

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Prizewinning poet Jonathan Quiver has come out with a new volume! The title poem concerns his plea to God for that most decadent of foods. He describes how he "pours into it his soul / As the milk swirls and turns brown." The rest of the poems deal further with his love for food and cooking in all forms, inspired in part by his job as a cook in an elite private school. Quiver's whimsical yet deep style appeals to all lovers of poetry, young and old alike.
(1, 6, 3, 9)

Who is the main character?

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From bestselling novelist Lawrence Kramer comes a the story of the Harringtons, a family living in a small cabin on the banks of the Somme during World War I. As the armies dig in on either side, they refuse to leave, instead taking in malaria-ridden soldiers from either side and nursing them back to health. Their courage and perseverance in times of difficulty wins them favor and gratitude from the soldiers. But when the Battle of the Somme begins, can this tiny dwelling withstand the mayhem and war?
(6, 5, 2, 3, 7, 5)

Who is the authority figure?

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Learn the story behind the discovery that has rocked the art world: a long-lost Dali painting! This newly-discovered piece by the Surrealist master consists of a large stone fruit covering the canvas; a large wild cat is in the bottom-left corner and an evil-looking woman inhabits the top right. The work was discovered in a closet in the back room of a mansion that once belonged to Dali's aunts. Renowned art historian Clive Splitter reconstructs its painting and contextualizes it within Dali's life and body of work.
(3, 4, 3, 5, 3, 3, 5, 5)

What boy runs away from his family?

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From master storyteller C. M. Brown comes another epic of revisionist history. When the Senate fails to pass Seward's Folly, Russia abandons the territories rather than see them fall into British hands and leaving them ungoverned. But for decades, no one comes in to lead them: it's too wild, too ragged, and too far from anywhere. It becomes a land destitute of the rule of law: criminal syndicates and their sociopathic assassins roam freely: truly a maze of suffering. But one man has a dream: to search throughout the nations of the world for one that would take on this wild territory and mold it into a state where law and justice reign supreme. But over and over again, the quest fails. Can he succeed, at long last? Or will the promise of the title come true, and nary a land come forth to lead them?
(2, 7, 3, 6)

Who is the protagonist?

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London and Paris: hundreds of miles apart. But when shopkeeper Ray Crimson buys a photograph of the two cities, printed human-sized and superimposed, in a London curiosity shop, he finds that he can step through it into an attic in Paris where an identical image has been stashed. Ray quickly begins living a double life: ordinary shopkeeper in London and hedonist/revolutionary in Paris. But can he keep it up without his family catching on? Author Carson Skendrick does again in this magnificent tale sweeping across two great capitals.
(3, 7, 2, 3, 6)

Who is the main female character?

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Author Lynne Singer's debut novel has taken the world by storm! Meet Scarlett Fisher, a routine-loving baker who wants nothing more than to live out her life free of disturbances. But one day, her pumpernickel dough refuses to lie flat. Try as she might, she can't keep it straight! With this mundane difficulty begins the tale of Scarlett's struggle with the phoniness of ordinary life, as she travels across the world and even to other planets in search of her lost composure. This book will surely appeal to all readers seeking a greater sense of fulfillment in their lives.
(1, 7, 2, 3, 3)

Who is the most prominent sibling of the narrator?

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Join naturalist and photographer Jan Berlin in a fascinating tour of the natural wineries of the French countryside. Meet the winemakers who gather naturally-growing fruit following a tradition going back centuries. This beautiful book shows the story in pictures of all stages of the process, from the initial vine selection (traditionally done following the footprints of wide-ranging dogs), to the seasonal workers gathering the fruit, and all the way through the wine's storage for aging. Printed in full color on high-quality photo paper, this book will delight lovers of natural wines everywhere.
(3, 6, 2, 3, 4)

What prominent male character dies?

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A delight to all furniture-lovers! This book will provide a century of engagement for the avid fan. Separated into ten "decades," each decade considers ten different famous chairs belonging to royalty. From King Robert of Scotland's elaborate seat at Perth to Emperor Arcadius's in Constantinople, historian of architecture Raphael Luther takes us on a fascinating journey through the chairs of monarchs through the ages.
(3, 7, 5, 2, 7)

Who is in charge?

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(_)(_)(_) (_)(_)(_)(_)?
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