Loss By Compression (Solution)

by Charles Steinhardt and Robyn Speer

A single letter can be inserted into each clue phrase, printer's devilry style, to produce a new phrase. Many of the resulting clues are ambiguous, but you can fit them into the given enumeration if you remove the I's and O's (the "bits") corresponding to the removed letter.

All 26 clues have a different removed letter and therefore a different removed number in binary:

AA long distance (a)cross WIDE
BOr(b)its Jupiter IO
CUseless fa(c)ts TRIVIA
DLatin and Rin(d)ge are at the end of a local one HIGH SCHOOL
EClassical Greek ord(e)r IONIC
GThey're useful and form a (g)rid UTILITIES
HLined or graph item used in sc(h)ool SPIRAL NOTEBOOK
IIt's ma(i)nly in Venezuela ORINOCO RIVER
KAt Newswee(k), Tina Brown's it EDITOR IN CHIEF
L Study area (l)inked to police CRIMINOLOGY
NMade a Bo(n)d game ACTIVISION
OHistory from the First Foli(o) ageRICHARD III
PHe (p)reached until excommunication GIROLAMO SAVONAROLA
QScotty was one who never met (Q) ENGINE ROOM OFFICER
RFi(r)st part of a start-up INCORPORATION
SWith a (s)mall set of sellers OLIGOPOLISTIC
TModern part of the Uin(t)a where you find old stuffDINOSAUR NATIONAL MONUMENT
USimilar to the L(u)dlow amendment ISOLATIONIST
VCon(v)ersion of the atmosphereNITROGEN FIXATION
WFor some, (w)riting opinions EDITORIALIZING
XNot comple(x); Ted Barrus can use it IDIOTPROOF
Y Original New (Y)orkers by a lakeONEIDA IROQUOIS
ZGravel was recommended by Jingo(z)ian at one NOMINATING CONVENTION

The title is similar, in that "Loss By Compression" is "Lossy Compression" with a "B" (OOIO) inserted.

Inserting the letter M makes the new clue phrase WITH MINUS ONE CHARGE, IODINE ION, and the solution to this clue containing IIOI is TRIIODIDE, the answer to the puzzle.