Ex Post Facto -- Solved

- About
A Blurred
A Carefree song syllables
A Colorful cat
A Earth Goddess
A Mexico Mrs.
A Polo venue?
A Venue
E Let up
G Essential programming package
H "Yeah, right!"
I Triumph
L Hotel amenity
L Math funcs.
L Rose of rock
L Young maiden: Archaic
N Coffee container
N Reli-diddly-igious guy
O Drug unit
P Dick or Joe, recently
R ___ al Ghul
R Armored Samus
R Gilbert of "Roseanne" and "The Big Bang Theory"
S Longtime U.S. foe
S They have wands: Abbr.
T Old-style photo
U Coffee containers
U Swivel
V Heroism
AA ___ con Dios
AE Gay bomber?
BR "Amazing!"
HT Pituitary hormone
KS Hopefully they're blue
LO Oodles
LY Ancient kingdom in western Anatolia
NO Hang one's ___ (trust)
PW Fair trade
AIS Muhammad's favorite wife
ASS Evaluate
ASS Hillary's helpers
CEL Frère du père ou mère
ENO Repetition mark, in music
ETT Motherly advice from Weird Al
HMS Steers a ship
IOS Popular vodka, informally
ENOT Neutrino, for one
ABEOT Still in the running
ABGOT Annual Florida football game
AOTTY One is 105 million light years
INOST Signs, as an agreement
AEEGLR Kent and Wayne
AELNSV Fictional hypnotist
CIPRRSY Pertaining to writing
EINORRSSW    What to do next!