De-coins (Solution)

by Veronica Gross, Robyn Speer, and Catherine Havasi

Notes given to scavenger hunt judges:

The general scoring system is to reward both rarity and creativity.
  • Older items, such as a 1979 Susan B. Anthony Dollar, can get +1 at your discretion.
  • A variant of an usually obtainable item that can no longer be obtained, such as an arcade token from an arcade that has burnt down, gets +1.
  • An exceptionally rare variant of a usually obtainable item, such as a $1000 casino chip, gets +1.
  • All 1 point things cannot get half credit.
  • Half credit is awarded for pictures taken during Hunt (with team name and date) except where noted.
  • A single type of coin cannot be used more than once except where it's unavoidable, such as for all the quarters.
  • Give a bit more leeway to tiny teams and be a bit harder on larger, experienced teams. They should know better.
  • For the Coins! section: The physical coin reward from the Hunt, in addition to the actual item requested, is worth:
    • 1 point from 2005-2012
    • 2 points from 1999 - 2004
    • 3 points - 1992 -1998
    • 4 points - 1984-1991 - anything is okay
    • 5 points - Something from the 1983 hunt
  • When in doubt, err on the side of fun.

Teams earning sufficient credits received the answer HYPERCUBE.