Mind the Gaps: Q.E.D.

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  1. Songbird haphazardly rinses pea
    Each half of one might be skinny?
    Immediately, like a wire service
  2. Government department put in the ground around Rio
    Director's innards are on the right page
  3. Burn these artistic letters
    Arthropod cut in half by subatomic particle
    For starters, Orville risked death in an airport in Chicago
    That woman's in the resistance
  4. Consul nastily grips forearms
    What it'll cost you to talk about the golden ratio
  5. Dame I misrepresented in books and movies, for example
    Ray gun fouls up stable stats package
  6. Brits shutter Parisian museum
    Hardy girl upends pattern-matching game with initial satisfaction
    Make one happy by turning over half a leaf and stirring tea
  7. Swaddling one more with watered silk
    Console one in Wisconsin
    I fell out of lubricated luminescent object
  8. When a well-sheltered spot gets rolled over a lot ... that's a moray
    Ypsilanti is home to Greek character
  9. Spoon, boy, with the French
    Copes with 500 imperfect ales
    Losing energy, cease to box
  10. Topless Ligeti's wild sex party
    A couple of irises give atmosphere
    Small dog's memorial marker
    Water flows through it in measured amount ...
  11. ... except in the dark, with no sparks starting
    Ian: so busy he, oddly, was a longtime senator
  12. "Emile", or, "Overload: Between one end and the other"
    Pathological tact bars a short introduction
  13. Father backs up into personification of chaos
    Homer's wife allowed, in return, to cable
  14. Shuts up in suspense
    Observe bishop's domain
    Hand out impure old ecstasy
  15. A long trip from intoxicating soy dyes
    Try a pair of vices, say


  1. Violent lump keeps me thoroughly beat
    Wild zoo preserves caribou tail in anise liquor
  2. Pathway from an atoll
    Old king Ned got an education
  3. Type of con discombobulates one
    Go drolly, all tangled up with a banner
  4. Tragically undo pants - no no, that's comedy
    We're told a tall tale that's caustic
    In the beginning, Lloyd is punched smack in the kisser
  5. Reviles horribly, like a toady
    Incompletely evaluate backsides
  6. Gorilla turns over pollution monitor
    Bombard with energy from twisted, dire tiara --
  7. Overheard certain grains are in bread baking step
    "Aye aye, sir" has it
    You might be expected to press this key article by the end of Saturday
  8. Headless buccaneer is beside himself
    Endeavors to eat bear's head for clans
  9. Knight's word on award for mythical mourner
    Psychopathic slasher cuts off own foot - what a pain
  10. Excellent son runs amok for ages and ages
    Next to a water supply, a lawman in good health
  11. Teacher on Long Island scandal? "Extravagantly wasteful"
  12. Make a mistake in admitting Republican to emergency room
    John Galt's assertion is backed up on continent
    Cube dweller: excellent for comic Victor
  13. In medias res, judge exchanges coupons
    Shepherds' hand protectors
  14. One revolutionary's pain
    Shrub is not very bright, we hear
    Italian valediction given by heads of Central Intelligence Agency offices
  15. Instruction to keep stent, excising bit of nose
    Provider of wool hat in Alabama upset by drama's conclusion
  16. A steer careens through rock formations
    Foxy and canny, shaking off spy's lead craftily
  17. Study an opening
    Pass on low grade web browser
    Offer to help with part of Hamlet memorization