Lost in Translation (Solution)

Gaetano Schinco, Natalie Baca, and Tanya Khovanova

The images in the puzzle are silhouettes of tangrams, each row is a single letter.

Each letter of the solution is clued by 2 tangram silhouettes: 1 large and 1 small.

The large image is made using two complete sets of classic tangrams, the small silhouette is made with 1 set.

There is a constraint on the positioning of pieces in the large image: one must solve the small image, and perform lateral translation on each of the pieces into the large silhouette -- that is, every individual piece in the small image will have the same orientation as one of its kind in the large image. Since the large image is made of two sets of tangrams, the remaining set of tangrams outlines the shape of a letter. Taken in order, this spells out the answer: IGNORES

It's worth noting that in a few cases, there is more than one solution to the small image, but the orientation of every piece in the small image is the same. Also, a few cases have very minor variations of the large image solution, but the same letter is clued.