Labyrinth : Q.E.D.

All the walls had something hidden in them...


Overactor; Frasier role; lip hair, briefly
Northwestern state; louder; venomous Indian snake
Home canners; heron, in Munich
Cautious and deliberate; adventurous acts
Foundation author; make unwanted comments; type of salt
Pallid; prized; Roman galley
Declare unfit for habitation; thinking machines (abbr.); discard
Former, as a girlfriend; collection of Persian quatrains; Ken's gal
Provide with weapons; whirlpool; sorcerer
Mule's daddies; Welsh dish


Religious school; Amend strip
Village People tune; part of a musical note; marital invalidation
Adhere to a surface; Norwegian attractions; angled edge
Celebration before Lent; osso buco component; Joan of Arc, for example
Pollux or Betelgeuse; part of an oarlock; Menlo Park denizen; eight bits; transmit
Owner of a Lonely Heart band; items for a book collector; machines found at a car wash
Theater aide; snitch; Argentine repression
Stirring up, as a fire; inferior substitutes
Pumbaa, for example; Chef's garment; certain spiritual leader
Societies simpler than a state; sub-par result?