Cambridge Waldo (Solution)

by Tanya Khovanova starring Ben Buchwald, Adam Hesterberg, Yuri Lin, Eric Mannes and Casey McNamara

You need to find the locations where the pictures were taken and the sage in each picture (one of the five from the flavortext picture). The table below describes the result. The pictures of each person are in walking order which helps with identifying the locations.

Picture numberLocationSage
1The end of the infinite corridorEric far away on the left
23rd Street next to BroadwayPesto is on the left behind the bushes
3MIT, in front of W20Casey is inside the sculpture
4The end of the infinite corridorYuri walks away in the middle
5Corner of Portland and BroadwayEric behind the pole
6Mass Ave and the rail roadCasey
7Cafe Luna, Corner of Main and ColumbiaBen is on the left from the tall man
8Windsor and Lincoln StEric in the silver Toyota
9Webster and ProspectEric inside the garbage can
10Prospect and Cambridge. Haveli Restaurant.Eric
11Vassar and MainYuri
12Where Binney st. takes a 90 degree turnYuri
135th street and Charles St.Pesto is on the porch of a brown house on the left
14Main St, corner with Windsor St.Ben is seen between the two girls
15Broadway and ProspectEric is next to the door in the basement, looking from underneath
16The end of Cornelius WayYuri behind the trees
176th St. & Otis St.Pesto is sitting behind the mailbox with his sarongs
18Main St corner with Portland StBen is lying on the slides on a playground inside the housing complex
19Portland St garage not far from Main StBen is in the garage
20Dunkin Donuts at Twin City plazaPesto is inside Dunkin Donuts behind the smoked Sausage sign
2110 York Pl.Pesto
22Cambridge St. next to a rail road (close to Cardinal Medeiros Ave)Yuri's hiding behind the thingy (you can see the helmet)
235th St and Cambridge StYuri
24Portland and HampshireBen's hat's shadow is seen to the right to the umbrella
25Hampshire and ClarkBen's hat is seen behind the bushes on the left
26Central SquareEric behind the bushes in the center
27Silva park at Otis St and Sciarappa StYuri
28Hurley St, next to Third StYuri's knee behind the tree
29Mass Ave, Cafe LunaCasey is pretending to make coffee
30The Hampshire market on the corner of Hampshire and ColumbiaBen's head is visible on the left of the man
31Central SquareCasey is about to enter the bus stop, he looks away from the bus.
32Prospect St. Christ the King Presbyterian ChurchCasey
33Columbia and CambridgeBen is on the tree
34Prospect and BroadwayCasey is behind the station wagon, between the post and the pump
35Prospect St. Islamic Society of BostonCasey
36Portland & HampshirePesto is behind the guy in front of the mural
37Prospect and Cambridge Pizza placeCasey
38Cambridge and ColumbiaCasey on a bike behind the pole
39Webster Ave, next to Lincoln St.Pesto is under the minivan on the right
40Decatur St, next to PearlEric
41Webster Ave, Prospect St.Pesto is in the middle of the picture under a white sarong
42Third St and Binney StYuri behind the bushes. You can see her helmet
43Prospect St, BroadwayPesto is behind the truck
44Binney St. on the corner of 6th StYuri
45Broadway, next to ElmEric
46Broadway, next to WindsorEric in the center
47Central SquarePesto is to the right of the tree that is to the right of the Starbucks
48Cambridge next to WillowBen is behind the silver van
49Cambridge and Cardinal MedeirosBen is behind the man
50Cambridge and Cardinal MedeirosCasey

When locations for the same person are marked on the map, they form a letter. People on the group picture are in alphabetical order. This suggest to put the location letters in alphabetical order by sages' names:

Ben Locations

Casey Locations

Eric Locations

Pesto Locations

Yuri Locations

The answer is SCAMP.