How to Succeed in Real Estate Without Really Buying

It may pop up
“Sunflowers” setting
2003 AL MVP, for short
“Barnum” composer Coleman
Bears’ lairs
Have breasts?
Drama nominated for 124 Emmys
Teri of “Young Frankenstein”
Flying Solo
Park Chung ___
Je, across the Rhine
Shakespearean actor Edmund
State whose highest pt. is Mt. Sunflower
Wood of “Diamonds Are Forever”
Placekicker Olindo
Prefix with care or vac
Nitti’s nemesis
Ping-pong partition
Worthy of page one
It’s not kosher
Hand band
Card game with diamonds, ovals, and squiggles
Doe beau
Former chess champ Mikhail
Mobile home
___ cotta
“Avalon Shores” composer John
Facial flicker
Famous Amos
___ Everlasting” (1975 novel)
Sportscaster Scully
Float, as a fragrance
Take a hike
Follower of St. John’s
Capital of Japan?

Watson 2.0
Watson 2.0