Pirates of the Tyrrhenian

Ahoy matey! If ye be a legendary pirate like Peg-Leg Posner or Greenbeard Gekko, set sail for this booty. To prove yer mettle, ye shall need to travel to enemy headquarters to procure it! This be very specific loot, so don’t ye be gettin’ any generic knock-offs. And lest ye wish to walk the plank, be markin’ your stops on this here treasure map!

Loot list

  1. 250 shore excursions
  2. 10 grade A seamless pipes
  3. 1400 apple pies
  4. 3000 window insulator kits
  5. 160 toilet bowl cleaners
  6. 901 diesel engines
  7. 150 toothbrushes
  8. 2001 cellphone patents
  9. 5 prepaid gift cards
  10. 500 renewable energy certificates
  11. 100 ATMs

Treasure map

Sheila Sunshine
Sheila Sunshine