Curiouser and Curiouser

Generate a new route through the wilderness; pioneer

An alkaline cleaning material used in Commonwealth countries to remove tarry masses not easily removed by common cleansers

Regal king who was the first ruler of all of the British Isles

Fully or partially undergoes changes in state or condition. Loses one’s or its original nature

It means equipped with or wearing a soldier’s broad shoulder belt having small pockets or loops for cartridges

Examples of these weevil pests include the Bluegrass, Denver, Phoenician, and Hunting varieties.

Little anterior dorsal piece of the thoracic segment of an insect

Desirable appliance that can compress refuse into relatively small parcels for disposal

Being able to affect the feelings or sympathies of someone watching

A French word for a wide variety of aquatic decapods, often used in reference to gastronomy

Genius-level honorific used to describe Dee Dee Ramone, Johnny Rotten, Joe Strummer and a few other experts

Particularly in the American Old West, this was an establishment that served alcoholic drinks for consumption on the premises

Unholy mess, catastrophe, disaster

Said to be living with the god Pan, these people make their home in a land that has become synonymous with being pastoral and beautiful

Sportsperson who intercepts and often brings down to the ground an opposing player in a physical challenge

Flake, face or gild

It’s the surname of actress Tamara, whose credits include more than 60 episodes each of two daytime soap operas, and a guest spot on the Mentalist

Gluttony, rapacity, greediness

A “Black” variety of this Malaysian plant has a top said to resemble a beehive

Registered, set down, posted

Often referred to as a Paddy Wagon or Black Maria and used to either transport prisoners, or alternatively to rapidly transport officers

Sheila Sunshine
Sheila Sunshine