Impostors (solution)

by Scott Handelman, Jordan Bennett Louis Smith, and Jit Hin Tan

Each of the fourteen sets consists of television and movie roles. Four of the roles in each set were played by a single US actor or actress. Each of these actors played a leading role in a television series that was remade from a British series, and the fifth role is a role played by the analogous British actor from the original show.

After determining the names of the British actors (which the indices clue as the relevant information), solvers must index into the last name by the position of that actor’s role in the set (for example, if the British role was the fourth role out of five, then take the fourth letter of the last name) to receive the message KEEN EDDIE’S MARK. “Keen Eddie” was a US show about a New York detective who moves to London to solve crimes and stars Mark VALLEY, the solution to this puzzle.

US Actor UK Actor Role 1 Role 2 Role 3 Role 4 Role 5
Rainn Wilson Mackenzie CROOK Robert Fishman
The Rocker
Monsters vs Aliens
Frank D’Arbo
Larry White
The Last Mimzy
Pirates of the Caribbean
William H. Macy David THRELFALL Tick Tock Mclaughlin
Jerry Lundegaard
Little Bill
Boogie Nights
Martin Blower
Hot Fuzz
Gene Wolters
Mr. Holland’s Opus
Harvey Keitel Philip GLENISTER Matthew Higgins
Taxi Driver
Winston Wolf
Pulp Fiction
James Mackintosh
“Clocking Off”
Hal Slocumb
Thelma and Louise
Little Nicky
Marley Shelton Ashley JENSEN Judy Hicks
Scream 4
Dakota Block
Planet Terror
Maggie Jacobs
Diane Weston
Sugar and Spice
Madeleine Gray
Sam Huntington Russell TOVEY Jimmy Olsen
Superman Returns
Eric Bottler
Jungle 2 Jungle
Alonso Frame
“Doctor Who”
Jam Bruce
Detroit Rock City
Jay Harrington Jack DAVENPORT Lloyd Simcoe
Paul Ryan
The Inside
Simon O’Keefe
Ted Crisp
“Better Off Ted”
Ron McCreadie
“Desperate Housewives”
John Stamos Reece DINSDALE Carl Howell
Tony Gates
Jake Phillips
“Jake in Progress”
Jesse Katsopolis
“Full House”
Bill Cosby Richard WILSON Fat Albert
“Fat Albert”
Leonard Parker
Leonard Part 6
Cliff Huxtable
“The Cosby Show”
Guy Hanks
“The Cosby Mysteries”
John Larroquette John CLEESE McBride
Captain Stillman
John Hemingway
“The John Larroquette Show”
Grim Reaper
The Meaning of Life
Dan Fielding
“Night Court”
John Ritter Richard O’SULLIVAN Ben Healy
Problem Child
Simon Harrap
“Me and My Girl”
Garry Lejeune
Noises Off
Bob Chipeska
Bad Santa
Roy Knable
Stay Tuned
Hank Azaria Stephen MANGAN Sean Lincoln
“The Simpsons”
The Blue Raja
Mystery Men
Victor Palotti
The Birdcage
Judd Hirsch Ralph BATES Alex Rieger
Victor Frankenstein
The Horror of Frankenstein
Julius Levinson
Independence Day
Alan Epps
Count Dracula
“The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t”
Maria Bello Helen MIRREN Natalie Belisario
The Cooler
Alex Sabian
Assault on Precinct 13
Grace Bontempo
Love Ranch
A History of Violence
Evelyn Carnahan-O’Connell
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
DW Moffett Stephen TOMPKINSON Joe McCoy
“Friday Night Lights”
Jeff Sheridan
Bernie Fine
“Fine Things”
“Happily Divorced”
Damien Day
“Drop the Dead Donkey”

US Actor UK Actor TV Series Index Letter
Rainn Wilson Mackenzie CROOK The Office 5 K
William H. Macy David THRELFALL Shameless 4 E
Harvey Keitel Philip GLENISTER Life on Mars 3 E
Marley Shelton Ashley JENSEN Eleventh Hour 3 N
Sam Huntington Russell TOVEY Being Human 4 E
Jay Harrington Jack DAVENPORT Coupling 1 D
John Stamos Reece DINSDALE You Again?/Home to Roost 5 D
Bill Cosby Richard WILSON One Foot in the Grave/Cosby 2 I
John Larroquette John CLEESE Fawlty Towers/Payne 4 E
John Ritter Richard O’SULLIVAN Man About the House/Three’s Company 2 S
Hank Azaria Stephen MANGAN Free Agents 1 M
Judd Hirsch Ralph BATES Dear John 2 A
Maria Bello Helen MIRREN Prime Suspect 3 R
DW Moffett Stephen TOMPKINSON Life is Wild/Wild at Heart 5 K