Get Your Dog Back... (solution)

by Alan Fetters and Danielle Sucher

Each of these cartoons depict the result when you take the title of a country song and reverse the words, with some liberties taken for homophones (the puzzle title comes from the old joke: What do you get when you play a country song backwards? You get your job back, you get your dog back, you get your wife back…)

The spaces below each cartoon fit the enumeration of the artist who performed the song (in reverse order, of course). All of the songs are listed below:

Crowd every in one – gentry Montgomery
Middle the in meat – rio diAmond
Airplanes watching – allan garY
Is it whatever? – Band brown zac
Byes: Good, Little – shEdaisy
Places low in friends – brooks gaRth
On Boots – houser Randy
Moon the rope – montgomerY michael john
Bone Drinkin’ – byrd traCy
Green Dear John – diffie jOe
Cinderella Stealing – wicKs chuck
Fly to Bourne – Evans sara

If you take the letters in red from the spaces (represented by capitals above), it spells out ‘MAYBERRY COKE’. In the song ‘Mayberry’ by Rascal Flatts (or Flatts Rascal…), they mention CHERRY coke, so the answer is CHERRY.