General Knowledge

What sickness from bacilli is a band that covered “Bring the Noise”? (7)
For areas beneath a curve, what helps you calculate with poise? (14)
What’s underground and fortified, and helps you hide in time of war? (6)
Cunobelinus led what tribe in Ancient Britain’s days of yore? (12)

What son of good Sir Lancelot was on a most Grail-centric quest? (7)
Which man’s hotel is always full but has a space for each new guest? (7)
What lasted from four-ninety-nine until four-ninety-three BC? (6 6)
Krasinski wrote which play about the rise of Christianity? (7)

What Scottish king united Britain after taking Liz’s seat? (5)
What farmhouse proved strategic for Napoleon’s supreme defeat? (2 4 6)
What muzzle-loaded gun may have a bayonet in its design? (6)
What’s like a play but light in tone and actors sing each single line? (8)

The man who wrote ELIZABETH acrostically, what was his name? (3)
What man’s Behistun text decryption caused his humble rise to fame? (9)
Pythagoras’s theorem—to just what shape is it applied? (5 8)
What is the longest length from an ellipse’s center to its side? (9 4)

What art shows the inanimate (some food, a rock, a flowerpot…)? (5 4)
Which animal, when found in groups, is oft referred to as a knot? (4)
What is it when a parent graph should move, flip, rotate, grow, or shrink? (14)
For help expanding squares and cubes of x plus y, click what site’s link? (7 5)