Sounds add up a little. (4)
Ira portrayed by Rosenberg, LA’s schlemiel. (5)
Shelves stories with bad beginning. (6)
Twist truth, lose last bit of respect, cause damage. (4)
Insult “Baldy” in a terrible way... (5)
...due to saying “adios.” (2)
Peak of Eastern Illinois toll road. (5)
There are this many bits in a nibble at tea time. (4)

Even Christ landed a punch. (3)
Skewers small fruit. (6)
Junior grand piano might be used to play one. (4)
Exists, in essence! (2)
First ABC news article. (2)
Curious blood donor contribution. (3)
Feeling less rational or real. (6)
I wasn’t defeated expressly. (3)