Getting There is Half the Fun

With so many elaborate honeymoon travel plans, I do hope Father approves the match. Still, I’ve graduated now, and I feel like I’m so near my goal, and getting nearer to it all the time! Let’s just keep some basic rules of travel in mind. The best day to travel is Thursday the 12th, January 2012, as early in the morning as possible (unless you’re flying, in which case you can travel any day, at any time).

A Numbers Game Go to the Head of the Class
Nobel Prize winning novelist who drew on the history of his native Bosnia for his material
(Starting in Budapest)
  • [N.] Wear out German agreement before the first and second of December
  • [N.] Programming language incorporates a valuable piece of wisdom, perhaps
  • [N.] Margaret returns with precious item
Russian writer and fervent Christian anarcho-pacifist, who has been played on film or TV by Christopher Plummer and Michael Gough
(Starting in Helsinki)
  • Final profit extracted from alluring trickery
  • Draft beer spilled on ultimate British character, unfinished
Surname of 19th century Republican US President or capital city of a Midwestern US state
(Starting in Chicago)
  • Amazing story’s finish follows part of a race
  • Car going backwards mid-mile is a phenomenon
  • Quiet conveyance to Simba’s rock
Czech writer who popularised the word “robot” (coined by his brother) and wrote a play which featured robots, which was one of the earliest science-fiction plays
(Starting in Nuremburg)
  • Genius of brain cell I mixed up [otS]
  • Outdoor musical performance is dry and inordinately electronic [otS]
  • Initially justice evolved when everyone lusted for a precious ornament [otS]
Surname of the Polish renaissance astronomer who championed a cosmology where the Earth was not the center of the universe
(Starting in Amsterdam)
  • Taking time off, expert embraces unfulfilled Lord Cook, for one [otS]
  • Exploit tavern due to be renovated [otS]
  • One finding a way for Pandora’s people to meet swamp resident [otS]
  • Remain unhappy before resistance of seaman [otS]
Pen name of the French writer who served as part of Napoleon’s army in the invasion of Russia and who moved to Milan after the war, and who gave his name to the psychosomatic illness that causes palpitations when an individual is exposed to particularly beautiful art
(Starting in Paris)
  • Rump hit harshly in coup
  • Six against a hundred: a Conservative win
Surname of the eponymous heroine of Puccini’s opera set in Rome in 1800
(Starting in Vienna)
  • Adding cesium to active yeast yields illegal drug
  • Southeast nation’s troubled feeling
  • Disturbing satanic info provides captivation
  • Creativity from one country containing wizards
  • Muse on pain I stir around
  • Euphoria from boundless intercourse
  • Elysium exists in procession
Arguably the most popular German movie actor of the 20th century, he appeared in over a hundred silent films, in the first German talkie in 1929, and then went on to be the biggest German movie star from 1930-1945.  A square in his native Hamburg was renamed for him after his death in 1960
(Starting in Hamburg)
  • Stellar assemblage of battered colonial tents
  • Lack of boundaries for one in nifty convertible
  • Two thousand in business attire at meeting of government heads
Born as James Howlett, this fictional character is the best at what he does, but what he does isn’t very nice
(Starting in Chicago)
  • Removing “ass-backwards” from list of defined terms provides acclaim
  • Primeval organism displays courage
  • Terribly wrong to lose right of independence
  • Autonomy comes from more Fed activity
This surrealist painter, sculptor, photographer and filmmaker has permanent exhibitions devoted to his work in Montmartre in Paris and near St. Mark’s Square in Venice, as well as in his native Catalonia
(Starting in Barcelona)
  • Tailless equine and bovine start to fall
  • Overshadow movie excerpts with something transcendental before and after
  • Outline renovation of hotel suite
  • Act of contemplating relic, often, is stirring
Surname of the Polish composer known as the “Poet of the Piano”
(Starting in Warsaw)
  • Buzz Lightyear’s enemy returns with one young adult to Georgia, as the neighbors say
  • Hear “banzai” translated on the outskirts of Zaire’s capital, or alternatively, a country in the Caucasus
  • Infielder Matsui has tank travelling to the largest landlocked country
  • Yes, penetrating air leak damaged Russian republic
Legendary libertine eponymous protagonist of one of Mozart’s most popular operas
(Starting in Vienna)
  • [MS] I unfortunately gain sin as a badge of honor
  • [MS] New gold tee by one California clothing company
Jewish Austro-Hungarian composer of operettas during the “silver age” of Viennese Operetta.  During the Second World War, he emigrated (temporarily) to the United States
(Starting in Munich)
  • Lend clothing, for example, to someone larger than life [otS]
  • Don’t be thrifty having left our majesty [otS]
  • Regretted northern Argentina’s revolution leading to glory [otS]
  • Overwhelming pleasure disturbed shady pro [otS]
  • Slovenly men can’t then charm [otS]

Isn’t Air Travel Amazing?