Letters from Max and Leo

Well, it seems this show is, despite all our careful planning, a success. But I’m going to stay positive! Because we both really appreciate your help with these shows. And I’m not worried, per se, about the show succeeding, but… actually, I guess I am kind of worried. But Max explained all this to me, that’s one reason we’re doing more shows. So I know you’ll make sure the next show fails spectacularly—because being a producer is much better than being an accountant, and much, much better than being in jail. Trust me on that.

Anyway, none of that is important. But make sure to pay attention to Betsy Johnson’s review, so we can do better next time. I mean, do worse next time.

Betsy Johnson's Review

A Circus Line is a gritty look behind the scenes of the cut-throat world of circus auditions. Clowns may seem carefree when they plaster each other in the face with pies, or squeeze their rubber noses, but as soon as they open their mouths to reveal their simply obscene grammar, you realize you have entered a vulgar demimonde you never knew existed.

There’s never an interval in which you aren’t thrown face-to-face with the harsh realities of circus life. The dancing elephant’s show-stopping confessional solo, “What I Did for Peanuts,” brought me to tears. I must admit, I thought the nappy-haired clown seemed racially insensitive until I realized no races naturally have rainbow-colored hair.

These are all performers who are on their last legs (or, in some cases, their last unicycle), but when the chips are down, they reach within themselves and triumph despite their poor education and questionable life choices. I was fully engaged throughout. A triumphant tightrope act!

Six rings out of six.