The Answers Are Somehow Connected (solution)

by Kai Huang

Each clue matches two possible answers that are also names of MBTA subway stations.

To extract a letter from the two answers of each clue, take the shortest distance between the two stations (in number of stops), add the adjustment number given in parentheses, and then convert the sum to a letter using the common A=1 encoding.

All of the answers and extraction are shown in the table below.

Sounds like it’s full of Asians (+3)Chinatown, Orient Heights7+310J
Type of servant (-1)Butler, Porter16-115O
Son of the British monarch (+3)Andrew, Charles5+38H
If you like it, you may be a fish lover (+4)Alewife, Aquarium10+414N
Shape sharing its name with an ex-president that never
faced an assassination attempt (-3)
Cleveland Circle, Washington Square4-31A
Building where official business is conducted, perhaps (+0)Courthouse, Government Center4+04D
Associated with a particular October 28 in the 1640s (+0)Eliot, Waban1+01A
Existed 30 and 20 years ago, but not 10 years ago (+5)Lechmere, World Trade Center8+513M
Cluster of a particular type of tree (+2)Cedar Grove, Oak Grove17+219S

The final answer is JOHN ADAMS (who was a Bostonian).