Tax... in... Space (solution)

by James Grimmelmann

There are no circles in the definitions, so the values can be computed uniquely in a single pass:

Interstellar travel and entertainment 1,000,000
Intergalactic travel and entertainment 25,000
Interdimensional travel and entertainment 17,000
Net relativistic hotchpot basis 49,468
Alternative minimum tax 26,227,362
Normalized alternative minimum tax 834
Quantum normalized ... minimum tax 83,438
Hyperbolic quantum ... minimum tax 83,468
Inverse hyperbolic ... minimum tax 86,438
Illudium phosdex exploration quasi-credit 2,131
Phaser deduction phaseout threshold 1,699
Phaser deduction 1,300
Capital loss carryforward 8,421
Trilithium recycling deduction 2,741
Adjustments to income 6,673
(Adjustments to)^2 income 4,736,724
(Adjustments to)^3 income 9,999
(Adjustments to)^4 income 4,720,052
(Adjustments to)^5 income 317,500
Gross income 5,037,552
Adjusted gross income 4,726,725
Modified gross income 327,499
Modified adjusted gross income 4,730,051
Net income 4,746,723
Adjusted net income 16,672
Modified net income 4,743,397
Modified adjusted net income 324,173
Gambling losses 100
Gambling gains 99
Allowable gambling losses 121,188
Allowable gambling gains 118,812
Astro-yak razor replacement credit 525,000
Unmarked sandwich allowance 17
Time-dilation correction 79,912
Vacuum reclamation enterprize zone credit 222
Miscellaneous non-farm overhead adjustment 181
Preliminary tax owed 0
Prior-year excess basis depletion recapture threshold 641,091
Flux capacitor discharge penalty 80,000
Like-kind hovercopter exchange setoff 12,004
Prepayment penalty 561,293
Fudge factor 222,181
Processing code P1T
Robotax owed 202 [CA hexidecimal]
Tax owed 771,470

The form to be filed lists, in order, the robotax owed, the processing code, and the tax owed.

The instructions for tax owed specify that the taxpayer is to “stand on your head,” which means it should be entered upside-down.

Thus, using the standard upside-down calculator trick, the form reads:

CA P1T 771470

Giving the answer: CAPITOL HILL, an appropriate place to lay the blame for the complexity of tax forms.