Google Bodyslam (solution)

by Daniel Cohen and Matt Garber

There is a big wrestling themed crossword that gets filled in. Clues are wrestling themed, answers are not. Answer grid can be found here.

There are twenty six wrestlers, with images taken from 8 bit wrestling games. Here they are, identified:

Kevin SullivanBig Boss Man
Rick RudeRicky Steamboat
Mr PerfectAndre the Giant
Dustin RhodesLex Luger
Mike RotundaThe Undertaker
Brutus BeefcakeTed Dibiase
Macho Man Randy SavageBam Bam Bigelow
Dr Death Steve WilliamsSid Vicious
Honky Tonk ManSting
The MountieMichael Hayes
Doink the ClownRazor Ramon
YokozunaJohnny B Badd
DieselRoad Warrior Hawk

Each wrestler has 3 clues associated with them, and in most answers, one letter is called out. So, each wrestler will have two or three letters associated with them – and these are all Caesar shifts of the initials of the wrestler’s real name, although the shift differs for each wrestler. Here’s the degree of shift for each wrestler:

WrestlerReal NameFrom CrosswordDecipheredOffset
Kevin SullivanKevin Francis SullivanOJWKFS4
Rick RudeRichard Erwin RoodANARER9
Mr PerfectCurtis Michael HennigYIDCMH22
Dustin RhodesDustin Patrick RunnelsSEGDPR15
Mike RotundaLawrence Michael RotundaDEJLMR18
Brutus BeefcakeEdward Harrison LeslieHKOEHL3
Macho ManRandall Mario PoffoWRURMP5
Dr Death SteveSteven WilliamsW ASW4
Honky Tonk ManRoy Wayne FerrisDIRRWF12
The MountieJacques RougeauS AJR9
DoinkMatthew Wade OsborneAKCMWO14
YokozunaRodney Agatupu Anoa’iVEERAA4
DieselKevin Scott NashLTOKSN1
Big Boss ManRay Walter TraylorEJGRWT13
Rick SteamboatRichard Henry BloodSICRHB1
Andre the GiantAndré René RoussimoffSJJARR18
Lex LugerLawrence Wendell PfohlUFYLWP9
The UndertakerMark William CalawayRBHMWC5
Ted DibiaseTheodore Marvin DibiaseWPGTMD3
Bam Bam BigelowScott Charles BigelowEONSCB12
Sid ViciousSidney Raymond EudyTSFSRE1
StingSteven James BordenKBTSJB18
Michael HayesMichael SeitzV BMS9
Razor RamonScott Oliver HallWSLSOH4
Johnny B BaddMarc MeloT TM M7
Road Warrior HawkMichael James HegstrandROMMJH5

The degree of shift can be letter substituted to get “DIVORCED LINDA MARIE CLARIDGE”, which is Hulk Hogan. Since part of the puzzle involves getting real full names, the answer is TERRY GENE BOLLEA.