Google Bodyslam

39A. Dustin and Cody, to the American Dream

57A. Hart, Snuka, Valiant, and Uso

71D. Clarence Mason, for one

23D. Virgil’s WWF gimmick

38D. The ‘85-’96 era, per the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame

21D. Taxable dividends, perhaps issued to owners of WWE stock

11A. Laconically, like Gordon Solie’s commentary

2D. A way of describing the matches staged here

65A. Johnny Swinger’s ECW partner Simon

2A. Broda’s abodes

18D. Filming location of this

51A. Like Gangrel, perhaps

27A. Make one’s way through the crowd to the ring

49A. Played the Miz to one’s Riley

7A. State that 2008 film The Wrestler was primarily filmed in, for short

17D. “The Genius” Lanny Poffo, for one

64D. Hardcore Hall of Famer Terry

8A. To watch WrestleMania on Pay-Per-View again

45A. HBK bid this in 2010

32A. Lord Mountevans of rulebook fame

19D. Sherri, to the Macho King

72A. Sigh of relief after escaping a pinfall

46A. Storm’s Saskatchewan Hardcore International ___

25A. Pro Wrestling Blitz’s “Night of ___” series

61D. They parallel the ulnae (and could get broken by the kimura)

62D. Nikki Bella can’t digest this

28D. Where C.M. Punk might entertain his guests, if feeling uncharacteristically classy

56D. Stacy Keibler’s non-wrestling occupation

3A. Regal and Perry, casually

13D. bWo leader The Blue ___

33D. Powers or Bucks, at SummerSlam 1988

4D. Dinero wound up in one during Final Resolution 2010

50D. WWE championship established 11/2/98

59A. Chris Chetti’s longtime tag partner

43D. Alberto Del Rio’s estate, quizás

10A. You’d put your Zack Ryder ringtone on this

44D. Demand as a right (like a Money in the Bank title shot)

24D. What Edge’s statements about Toronto might be, regarding retirement

37D. To cathode what Goldberg was to Hogan in WCW

66A. Short-lived WCW gimmick seen here

60A. Expressed derision, as though reacting to Vickie Guerrero

55D. Junkyard Dog’s “___ them Cakes”

68A. Like the crowd in this

67D. Heels’ innate behaviors

40A. Former JAPW champion ___ Martinez

58A. What the Hulkster says people want, cold, in this

34D. Yokota, familiarly

54D. Owner of Juggalo Championship Wrestling

53D. Of no further use - like a certain barber shop window

15A. Godwinns’ chitlins ingredient

20A. WWE’s Cyber ___

29D. Like Sheamus or Prince Devitt

48A. Savage’s Wrestlemania III foe

14D. Suspended, like a ladder match belt

69D. Bradshaw carried it on his bullrope

30A. Holiday side dish (perhaps served alongside the Gobbledy Gooker?)

55A. ___ Angel (short-lived WCW gimmick)

36A. Where Giant Silva may have grown up, if his family were poor migrants.

5D. The crowd didn’t just hate this, they ___ it

41D. JBL now provides advice on how to do this

35A. Gunner’s former ring name

73A. Guzzles, like James Storm’s beer

1D. Hebner, Alfonso et al.

74A. Jake Roberts, perhaps, at Heroes of Wrestling

31A. Easily escapable, like a Hornswoggle sleeper hold

75A. One who does business with this FWA wrestler

6D. Stone Cold’s leather garment

52D. Birthplace of Mr. Chile

12A. Decommissions nuclear waste, or what the Undertaker does to his victims

22A. Threadbare, like Cactus Jack’s flannel shirt

70A. The Big Show’s acromegaly affects these

47D. ___ press (more familiarly, the basic pin)

9D. Dr. Quack, if he actually tried to write prescriptions

27D. Greeted guests, as though to Piper’s Pit

16A. Pimples, perhaps as steroid side effect

63D. Like a Sabu vs. Funk match?

42A. Incongruity, like that of the WWE’s anti-bullying campaign

26A. Like the Million Dollar Man