Equal Billing (solution)

by Francis Heaney; special thanks to Wei-Hwa Huang

The solutions to the four Surplus Star Sudoku are as follows.

The four pairs of stars which contain the same number, when concatenated into a single grid, lie in these eight squares:

When those eight squares are overlaid on the Marquee, these letters are highlighted:

In order, reading left to right from top to bottom down the grid, those letters are JNOFAMQJ. Shifting those letters ahead in the alphabet the number of letters equal to the star number associated with each letter, we get:

J + 8 = R
N + 7 = U
O + 4 = S
F + 2 = H
A + 7 = H
M + 2 = O
Q + 4 = U
J + 8 = R

The final answer is RUSH HOUR.

(B&W printer friendly version of color solution elements)